Videobox Video Player

Videobox is a remote controlled Windows Media Player. It can be controlled with the bundled Windows remote control application over TCP/IP but its main purpose in life is to be controlled from a Squeezebox or SliMP3 device through a Slimserver plugin. Just add a way to get your PC's Video & Audio signals to your living room TV set to transform your Squeezebox into a Video Player. There are many wired and wireless methods to achieve that. See below for some links. Videobox Player can play AVI & MPG files as well as live Windows Media video streams, this gives you access to a number of channels that you couldn't have watched otherwise. These video streams usually look a lot better on your TV than they would on your PC. With a TV modulator and multiple Squeezeboxes you can watch and control your Videobox Player from anywhere in the house.

Videobox Remote

This is a Windows remote control application that can be used instead of (or together with) the Slimserver Videobox plugin. Browse your video collection and control playback with either Videobox Remote or your Squeezebox + infrared remote control.

Videobox Player Features

- Compatible with Slimserver 5.0+ - Slimserver & VB Player may run on different systems - Compatible with Windows Media Player 9.0+ - Slimserver-like navigation and built in directory browsing - Basic Playlist management, Shuffle & Repeat - Volume and mute control functions - Fullscreen mode selection by remote control - Supports an unlimited number of simultaneous remote control clients (Squeezebox, SliMP3 or Videobox Remote) with synchronized displays - Customizable/per client button mapping for Squeezebox infrared remote controls - Bookmark function (stores playlist state as well as location within a media file) - Supports all video and audio file formats that are supported by Windows Media Player - Multiple file folders can be configured for remote browsing - Folders can be made hidden and protected with a PIN code (child-lock) - Fast forward & rewind with picture - Configurable network port usage - Basic security (Allow connections only from certain IP addresses) - Comprehensive setup dialog


GPL'ed source and binaries may be downloaded via the SourceForge Project Page A zipped directory of live video streams is available here

The Future

- DVD playing - JPEG viewer/slide show - A daemon-only Linux port that controls Mplayer - An OS/X port?

A/V Links

Below are some links to equipment that may be used to get your PC's picture on your home TV's. I use a Matrox Millennium card, the SVideo + Stereo over CAT5 baluns and a no-name TV modulator to put the signal on my TV cable. These links come without guarantees or recommendations. - Matrox Millennium G550 - SVideo + Stereo over CAT5 - SVideo + Audio to Coax modulator (mono) - Trust TELEVIEWER - Trust 1620W WIRELESS TELEVIEWER - Live TV Channels (or use this VB format stream pack)


- The wxWidgets group for wxWidgets - Mattia Barbon for wxPerl - Graciliano Monteiro Passos for Wx::ActiveX - Slim Devices for their perfectly hackable SliMP3 and Squeezebox MP3 players - SourceForge for providing the project space Logo

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